From Production to Post, without the worry
Ensure that what ends up in the editors hands is what the camera wrote

Introducing Double Data

Double Data is designed to help you better manage your data workflow. With the terabytes of data that you will create with your system, Double Data helps to step in, making sure copies of each media file go to the right place, and accurately.

All Around Data Management

From on set, to editorial to archiving, Double Data provides a way for you to verify that all the footage is correctly copied and rendered, no matter what production stage you are at.

Why ?

With the advent of file based capture for professional motion picture production, I saw a need for an easy to use mechanism to verify that the footage was copied correctly. This is easily accomplished using off the shelf tools, but most people outside of the computer industry dont know about them.

For decades this has been a solved problem in the computer industry. They have developed robust and mature ways to ensure data integrity, regardless of the transport or storage layer. This technology has proven invaluable over the decades from banking records to verifying virus-free software.

Leveraging these technologies, and bringing them to the film industry in an easy to use program was the impetus for this project. It has matured into a full program with mature reporting options and advanced techniques such as a single read to multi destination writing.


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